Northeast Kingdom Human Services
Developmental Services

The mission of the Division of Developmental Services is to help individuals with disabilities lead normal and complete lives and to be accepted, valued and contributing members of their families and communities. The Newport and St. Johnsbury offices provide comprehensive services to children and adults with developmental disabilities, mental retardation, autism and other pervasive developmental disorders. Our community-based services are individualized, flexible and designed to assist people with disabilities to live in their own homes and to be productive members of society.

Personal support and case management services assist individuals with personal care and safety, skill development, vocational support, personal choice, and self-determination. Staff provide eligibility determination, individualized life planning, information and referral, family support and resource allocation. Staff focus on building natural supports for individuals with disabilities.

Residential programs provide housing, personal care, supervision, skill training, and support in a variety of home settings, including supervised and staffed apartments, shared living arrangements, in-home support, small group homes, developmental homes, and specialized foster care.

Psychiatric and medical care is specialized to meet the needs of our consumers. A team approach is used to ensure proper diagnosis and care with an emphasis on caring for the whole person.

Skill acquisition training enables individuals to participate more fully in their communities. Our staff is trained to identify areas of need and assist consumers in specific educational areas.

The vocational program places individuals in the workplace, and provides on-the-job training and ongoing support. The employment services accommodate the specific needs of individuals with disabilities in the work force.

The family support program offers comprehensive support for eligible families with a member who has a disability. This support includes respite services for caregivers, adaptive equipment for eligible participants and flexible support for special needs.

Specialized care, support and treatment for individuals with mental retardation or autism who have legal or problematic behavioral issues.

Crisis intervention services are available to ensure an individual's safety, health and well-being.

Support services to individuals in nursing homes focus on an individual's psychological/emotional well being. Services to individuals include participation in the community and one-to-one assistance for participation in nursing home activities.