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For disclosed consumers, family members, and community members.

Cindy LaGue
Carol Entriken
Laurel St. James-Long
Donna Corkins
Levi Gardner
Erik Johnson
Stephen Applebee

For Substance Abuse, Out Patient, Community Rehabilitation Treatment disclosed
consumers and/or family members.

Paul Bengtson
Effie Brown
Lisa Draper
John Drzewiczewski
Lisa Daigle-Farney
Toni Hart
Dan Major
Lallie Mambourg
Sheila Miller
Gladys Mooney
Evangelyn Powers
Helen Watson
Linda Rhodes
Mark Whitworth

For parents and caregivers of disclosed consumers.

Susan Broadbent
Effie Brown
Tonya Brown
Donna Conley
Elizabeth Davis
Krissy Ferrant
Mary Jane Mason
Brenda Neff
Elizabeth Rice
Kerina Roessler
Tracy Santo
Jeff Santo
Mitya Schoppe
Rhiannon Wilkie
Michael Williamson
Sarah Withers
Shannon Woodard
Tomasz Jankowski, DPT, MHA, MBA, President and CEO
Richard Edelstein, MD, Medical Director
Marcia Stricker, MS, LADC, Chief of Adult Services and Chief of Child, Youth and Family Services
Dixie McFarland, BS, Chief of Developmental Services
Brooke Bury, Interim Chief Financial Officer


“NKHS provides quality counseling that is continuing to improve how I'm feeling every time I come.” – Adult Outpatient Client “I always am treated well at NKHS & my case worker is wonderful & stays on top of everything”
– DS Client

“The agency is the best for anyone who are struggling to find work and struggle to make friends. They're there to help with everything. I love Northeast Kingdom Human Services. It's the best ever.”
– DS Client

“We are so fortunate to have NKHS in our lives for our daughter. Our case worker is fabulous. Things couldn't be better. Thank you.”
– CYFS Client

“I am 76 years old now. It is hard for me to go to my doctor. I walk with a walker now. So I am so very happy my doctor gives me my medicine now. My doctor came here to see me and she will keep me on my medicine. I am doing good on my medicine now. Thanks.”
- CRT Client

“The case manager made me and my family feel very empowered and like a special member of the community. She empowered us with many useful resources within the community. She went beyond her duties to help me and my family.”
- CYFS Client

“My Compliment is: Everyone is always so VERY, VERY nice, easy to talk to and pleasant. Staff has always gone above and beyond normal duty to help clients. I always feel so welcomed by smiling happy people when I show up for my appointment. I get greeted and treated with respect. My family and I don’t feel intimidated or looked down on. I am thankful for meeting and dealing with such a wonderful staff even
P.S. Client for over 10 years and looking forward to my next appointment. Please share this with everyone.”
- NKHS Client

Richard Edelstein, M.D.
Carey Brodzinski, FNP CMSN PNP-C
Elliot Kaufman, M.D.
Craig Van Tuinen, M.D.
Nancy DeVries, APRN-BC
Paolo Bentivoglio, M.D
Lorraine Impey, APRN-BC
BOARD OF DIRECTORS ~ November 2017 - October 2018
  President: Mark Whitworth
  Vice-President: Nancy Warner
  Treasurer: Thad Richardson
  Secretary: Effie Brown

Paul Bengtson
Linda Rhodes
Thad Richardson
Laurel St. James-Long
Mark Whitworth
Effie Brown
Tina Norton
Rick Geisel
Larry Wall
Nancy Warner
Hannah Schwartz

Board Meeting Schedule
Monthly Board of Directors meetings are scheduled on the third Tuesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. using video conference capabilities in our Crawford Road, Derby and Portland Street, St. Johnsbury offices. Meetings are open to the public. Please call either office and ask for the Executive Administrative Assistant at ext. 2376 to confirm the date and time.
Ellen Moore
NKHS History
NKHS History
  • Largely thru the efforts of Senator Pearl Keeler of Orleans, Northeast Family Counseling Services (the precursor to Northeast Kingdom Human Services) opened its doors on August 20, 1960
  • In the early days both private and public funds were used to support one full-time professional who provided counseling services thru an office operated as the North Avenue Clinic
  • In 1965, NFCS changed its name to Northeast Kingdom Mental Health Services, Inc., and, with a federal grant of $63,422, expanded its staff to seven full-time mental health professionals
  • By the early 1970s, the staff had increased to 47 employees who managed 660 cases annually
  • The Northeast Drug Program, with Vern Barry as its first director, opened in 1971 and was soon treating over 300 clients per month
  • In the 1980s, George Coulter became the Executive Director, and under the community guidance of 23 Board members, oversaw the efforts of 83 employees and 24 volunteers. The agency maintained an active caseload of 1,020 clients
  • In 1988, the GENESIS Club was created by men and women who had experienced emotionally and psychologically  dehabilitating problems during their lifetimes
  • In 1990, Psychiatric Social Worker Francis Gonter-Gross and Board member Phil White developed a program to guide human service and law enforcement professionals in the more effective handling of domestic abuse cases. Their efforts received acknowledgement and recognition by the Vermont Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • NKMHS's  newsletter the “Communicator,” with a circulation of over 16,000 throughout the 49 towns in the Northeast Kingdom, was awarded the 1990 Annual Public Information Award’s “Best Newsletter” by The National Council of Community Mental Health Centers
  • On April 2, 1999 NKMHS officially became Northeast Kingdom Human Services, Inc.
  • NKHS ushered in the 21st century with a 2001 “groundbreaking” cooperative effort to integrate mental health and pediatric primary care by placing a full-time mental health worker in Dr. Thomas Mosely’s pediatric practice located on the North Country Hospital campus
  • Jump-on-Board-for-Success or the JOBS program was also begun in 2001 to help 16-22 year olds adapt to the job market by fostering personal planning, encouraging better problem solving, and developing effective social relation skills
  • In 2007 opened a new clinical outpatient facility on Portland Street in St. Johnsbury, which provided for the full integration of services (all programs were for the first time housed under one roof) conducted in a modern, therapeutically supportive clinical environment
  • By 2008, NKHS had grown to serving over 3,601 community members living in the Northeast Kingdom, with a staff of 300-plus professionals who provided a full range of community-based, in-school,  and residential services
  • While celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2010, NKHS’s Executive Director Eric Grims noted, in the inaugural issue of “The Outlook,” that the newsletter would be an important means of communicating with staff, clients, and the community-at-large “the strength, dedication, and hope of those who deal with life’s mental health, substance abuse, and developmental challenges, and to highlight those who serve as the strength for us at NKHS to continue with our work and hopefully enhance our community”
  • In July 2012, NKHS broke ground on a new clinical outpatient facility sited on five acres of land on the Crawford Road in Derby
  • With a staff of over 400, in 2011 NKHS maintained an active caseload of 3,700 clients, delivered more than 136,000 hours of case management, 5,700 hours of residential care, and completed over 114,000 client contacts. In addition to direct client services, NKHS staff spent over 2,000 hours consulting with local physicians, area not-for-profits, schools, governmental agencies, and serving the courts as expert witnesses. More than 13,000 respite hours were delivered to provide a welcomed relief to primary care givers who face the challenges of caring for a child or parent in need of around-the-clock